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Chris is a freelance colourist based in London, specialising in colour grading across commercials, music videos, documentary, web series and fiction film.  Chris has been lucky enough to work alongside leading commercial brands including Facebook, Hyundai, Tesco, Phillips, Virgin & Nespresso. He has also had extensive experience in fiction, developing trusting working relationships alongside talented film makers across a wide variety of projects. Chris also frequently assists at leading colour grading houses where he has learned colossal amounts about the craft from industry experts.

Chris is able to work remotely from his suite in Hackney, or available to hire and travel to other facilities with appropriate equipment.


"It's a privilege to be at the very end of the production line. The creative process of film making begins months or even years before it comes to the colouring room. The sheer effort that precedes my job is a constant reminder and motivator for me to produce the highest standard of work that I can, for myself and for the crews that entrust their product to me. "

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